Bone Broth - The Ultimate Staple

Bone Broth - The Ultimate Staple

Bone Broth is literally the ultimate staple. Not only does it amp up almost any recipe, but it is packed with gut healing collagen and minerals. It promotes a tighter gut lining, which is something you want! You do not want things leaking out of your gut. It also helps combat inflammation and is full of healing compounds. So why the heck wouldn't you try and sneak some into everything you can? 

You can replace water with bone broth in soups, strews and chili. You can also make some ridiculous gravy with bone broth and arrowroot starch. You can blend it with some ghee, coconut milk and turmeric for a warming beverage to sip on. You can simmer meats and veggies in it until it cooks off, and you are left with food cooked in all that healing goodness. You can add it to sauces. SO MANY OPTIONS. 

Not only do I feed myself and hubby bone broth I also give it to the dog. I make hers super plain without out onions and garlic, and I heat it up a little for her and pour it over her food. She LOVES it. Spoiled huh? But its made her so much healthier and heartier. She spins when I heat it up. And if she is under the weather I just warm her up some broth with coconut oil and she is good as new!

When you are making human bone broth you don't want to just simmer bones, that can be boring and honestly not super tasty - not a big deal if its just getting thrown in a flavorful chili, but otherwise you want to amp it up a little. 

So here is how I make ours

Step One: collect bones and veggie throw away bits. I just keep these all in the freezer. Some examples are: bones removed from pork chops, chicken bones from thighs I de-bone, beef rib bones. The middle ribs of kale, carrot peels and ends, onions peels, the ends of squash, extra garlic, beet greens, broccoli steams. Literally WHATEVER bit of veggies you might have thrown away you can save to add flavour to your broth, I also typically add one chopped onion and a couple garlic cloves to really add depth. I do also try and buy some beef marrow bones to add an extra hit of nutrition to my broth. I usually make bone broth on a food prep day so that I don't have to freeze the veggies scraps, I just throw them right in the crock pot. 

Here is the typical ratio I use

  • 2 cups bones
  • 3 cups assorted veggie bits
  • 10 ish cups of water
  • 1 tblsp coconut aminos
  • 1 tblsp apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tsp turmeric (or a chunk of turmeric root)

All you do to make your broth is to throw all the things into a slow cooker and let simmer on low for 24 - 48 hours. Alternatively you can use an Instant Pot on high pressure for 2-3 hours. I prefer the slow and low simmer though. Then you strain your broth, through a cheesecloth or tight sieve is best and store. I store my broth in glass mason jars. I let the broth cool first, then pour into the jars, then refrigerate until I am sure there is no heat left, and then I freeze the jars. If you are freezing glass you just need to make sure its cold before it goes in the freezer and that you do not fill it up all the way to the top - the broth will need room to expand. Take my word on that! I have spent hours picking glass out of broth because there was NO way I was throwing it out. I just take it out the night before I need it...or sometimes I forget and run it under hot water and then either melt it in a pot or the microwave. Ta Da. Literally the easiest gut healing staple. And you can reduce your food waste, extra bonus. 

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