Aaand the 21 DSD is done

Aaand the 21 DSD is done

Today is my last day of the 21 day sugar detox. Wow that was a fast 21 days. I think it went well. The key things that helped me though were la croix, kombucha and 100% dark chocolate. Which I am currently out of. How sad. 

So I have no plans on diving head first into sugar now that the detox is done. I don't eat refined sugar anyways. It is nice to feel like I don't need something sweet after dinner though. And to have taken the honey out of my morning routine. I think it is going to be exciting how sweet things are. Like berries. I can't wait.

What am I looking forward to the most? Cheese. Yup. I don't eat dairy very often. BUT I love it. The local store near me has just brought in grass fed mozzarella. So I am really excited to try that. 

This week I took notes on everything I ate, for anyone who is thinking about doing this kind of detox, just to show all the things you can eat. This does not feel restrictive, just like it requires a little more creativity. Especially if you are craving something sweet. 

Here it is! 


Breakfast: cacao butter latte made with rasa koffee, quiche and 2 slices bacon

Lunch: curry with cauli rice and pork

Snack: 100% chocolate with nut butter

Dinner: crispy chicken thighs, brussels and sweet potato cakes 


Breakfast: cacao butter latte made with rasa koffee, quiche and 2 slices bacon (aka on repeat)

Lunch: cottage pie, seasnax, and 2 small pickles 

Dinner: sweet potato, salmon cakes, micro greens, primal kitchen cesar, brussels 

Snack: banana choc pudding with peanut butter 

Extra drinks: tea x many  and kombucha 1/2 cup


Breakfast: 1 egg, sweet potato, salmon, 1 slice bacon, 1/2 grape fruit and rocket fuel tea

Snack: la croix and pickles

Lunch: broccoli soup and 1/2 a stuffed sweet potato

Dinner: kale, shredded pork and squash  and a spoonful nut butter


Breakfast: cacao butter latte, curry and beef 

Lunch: curry with pork and caui rice, seasnax and coconut butter

Dinner: plantain, ghee, sardine cakes (literally the same as my salmon cakes but with sardines), kale

Snack: 100% dark chocolate


Breakfast: cacao butter latter, banana n'oatmeal, meat stick 

Lunch: la croix, cottage pie, sea snax

Dinner: kale with onions pepper and plantain and 3 scallops

Snack: 100P dark choc with peanut butter and kombucha


Breakfast: cacao butter latte and n'oatmeal

Lunch: stuffed sweet potato and seasnac


kale with onions pepper and plantain and 3 scallops


Breakfast: green shake with avo and banana

Lunch: plantain crust pizza (recipe on my insta)

Dinner veggies and meat (chacuterie style) 

Snacks:  beet latte and  kombucha 


Breakfast: cucumber and turkey with guac and a cacao butter latte

Lunch: banana n'oatmeal

Dinner: paleo alfredo





Paleoooo Alfredo

Paleoooo Alfredo

Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Stuffed Sweet Potatoes