Get Messy

Get Messy

I don't want to use the word 'busy' because it seems kind of negative, but during the week I have a fair amount of stuff going on. 

You might know by now that I am a high school teacher. To add to that I currently teach at two different schools. So in the morning I drive to school number one, teach one period and then drive to school number two where I teach for the whole afternoon. My two schools are about as different as they could be. My first school is super academic, and I teach the sweetest grade 9's. They send me emails on the weekend that say things like "I think my presentation is going to be 6 mins instead of 5, is that okay?". My second school is a special education and vocational school. It specializes in students that have struggled academically or behaviorally or more likely both in their past schools. Classes are capped at 17 students. I have grade 12's and 10's. I adore every single one of them - they are very energetic to say the least. You just never know what is going to happen. I have so many stories. Teaching is the most rewarding, exhausting and fun job. I could not imagine doing anything else (unless its food related). Those are my two biggest passions: food and teaching.

The saddest part of being a teacher in Ontario is that there are too many of us. So there are not enough permanent positions for everyone. Getting a permanent position is seniority based, and at this point I have been teaching for three years - so my seniority is pretty low. Which means I do not have a permanent position. Instead I work semester by semester. The new semester starts Feb 1st so I have just applied to a bunch of jobs and and desperately waiting to find out if I get a new position and where I will be. So in the last 3 years I have supply taught at 15 schools and had longer term positions (like covering maternity or sick leaves) at 4 different schools. I find it so hard. I make connections with students and teachers and then have to leave. :(.Sad. I am going to miss all my wonderful students from this semester. 

Anywhooo all this means that my week can get a little crazy. I am a firm believer in making my weeknights easier, and leaving room for some r and r (cough netflixs), dog snuggles and yoga. In order to do this I totally embrace meal prep! I usually set aside a morning or afternoon of the weekend to do a little meal prep. 

Today I am going to share my meal prep menu, and how I connect meals and use the same ingredients in multiple meals to speed up the process, but without making for a boring week! Then throughout the week I will be sharing recipes of my main meals. 

  1. Salmon Cakes
  2. Roasted Brussels
  3. Sauteed three heads of kale: one just for eating, one for the curry and one for the cottage pie
  4. Made a batch of bbq sauce - split between stuffed sweet potatoes and cottage pie
  5. Cottage pie - made with the same shredded veggies as the quiche, and using potatoes, peas and cauli just like the curry
  6. Cauli rice
  7. Curry 
  8. Shredded pork - used for the curry and the stuffed sweet potatoes
  9. Stuffed Sweet Potatoes - used the extra flesh to make mashed sweet potatoes 
  10. Quiche

That might seem like a lot of things - but because many of them use the same ingredients in different ways, and even some of the exact same things (like bbq sauce) it speeds up the process. 

When I am deciding what to meal prep I aim to make:

  • at least one seafood dish
  • at least one beef dish
  • a couple casseroles (for work lunches)
  • some random veggies to add to whatever I feel like 
  • something breakfasty 

Wanna see what my kitchen looks like when I am done? 

DSC_0052 (1).JPG

Zero surfaces left. Have I mentioned that we live in a 500 sq ft condo? AKA its really really small. Like one person in the kitchen at a time. The best part of a teeny house? It takes 15 minutes to make it look spotless again. Worst part, you'd better be on your organization game. Don't worry I am. Hubby isn't. Dog isn't. But I am. 

They are my biggest supporters though. Both of them are always begging me for food. Lucky ducks. 

Some sneak peaks of the recipes you are getting this week! I hope you are as excited as I am. It's going to be a good week! 

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