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Hey There Lovely

Thanks for stopping by! 

My name is Rebecca. I am many things. I am a high-school teacher, wife, fur momma, primal health coach and most importantly I am OBSESSED with food. 

Not in a bad way though. I swear. I eat mostly paleo, but I am not a paleo purist. Obvs. I mean peanut butter is part of my blog's name, and that's not paleo. But who cares. Food should not be about rules and fear, instead it should be a delicious and joyful experience. I love creating and eating delicious food that also happens to be nourishing and (mostly) paleo. It makes for an awesome life. Don't get me wrong my life is not all rainbows and puppies. But I do have the best dog ever, which makes it better. She's a princess, but she looks like a cartoon so she gets away with everything. She is also paleo. Really, she is. I make her food - see she is a princess. She is known to come running whenever I open the peanut butter jar. We are basically the same, except she gets to nap a lot more. 

I am not dogmatic about paleo. Sure I eat all the paleo things. Liver. Kale. Bone broth. Bring it on. But I also have a special place in my heart for dark chocolate (and peanut butter). I love baking delicious paleo treats that also happen to be nutrient dense, cause we only live once and it better be great. I love feeding myself (duh), friends and family. But you know what would be even better? Sharing recipes with even more people, like you! I mean how great would it be if more people could eat yummy AND nourishing foods. Best of both worlds. 

I am also not uneducated. I am so into this whole paleo thing that I took a course called Primal Health Coaching. Which basically means I am certified to guide people through their own ancestral (paleo) journey. I am here for you. 

Along with eating paleo I love to move my body, read, play games, name my plants, get tattoos, drink kombucha, cuddle my doggy, collect mason jars, and sit on the floor. Yup I am a full fledged weirdo and I totally embrace it. 

I love CrossFit, weight lifting, hot yoga and walking the dog. I usually do at least one of those things a day. Except when its -4000, which it sometimes (often) is in my part of Canada. Then the dog and I play fetch in the hallway for some exercise and hide from the elements. Sometimes I wonder why I live in a place that makes my face hurt...and then I remember all the creatures that come along with tropical heat and I suck it up. 

I have four plants, which is a lot for a 500 sq ft condo. They all have names. Frank, Agnes, Mildred and Spike the 3rd. Spike is a cactus. The rest are an assortment of species. I also have a ceramic cactus, her name is Frances. Shes the best because there is no way I can kill her. In the summer I grow kale, herbs, and tomatoes on the balcony. I don't name those. I eat them. 

Aaaand that is all you need to know about me. I look forward to getting to know you and I hope you eat yummy food, cuddle a doggy and enjoy some of the best mother nature has to offer :)


My other biggest supporter. #paleopup